Hiring Foreigners in Bulgaria

Work Permit for Foreign citizens in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Blue card is issued to professionals who perform highly skilled labor. It allows you to travel within the EU and gives your family extended rights to stay in Bulgaria for the duration of your stay.

In order to obtain a Bulgarian Blue Card you must be university graduate and have secured a work contract with a Bulgarian employer who offers a salary at least 50% higher than the average salary for a similar position. The employer applies for permission with the National Employment Agency, and after obtaining this authorization, the foreign employee may apply for a Bulgarian D visa with the nearest Bulgarian embassy or consulate. Once you get a D visa and arrive in Bulgaria, you can apply for a Blue Card.

If you have already obtained an EU Blue Card issued by another Member States of the European Union, you do not need a separate Bulgarian work permit, but only a written permission issued from the Director of the Bulgarian National Employment Agency.

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