Accounting fees in Bulgaria

One of first and most important question for people looking to establish a company in Bulgaria is: “What are the accountancy fees in Bulgaria?”. You will often get this question answered with: “That depends, we need some more information before we can tell you”. And yes it actually depends on a few basic things: number of personnel, number of transactions and whether your company is VAT registered.

Monthly DocumentsBefore VAT registrationAfter VAT registration
Dormant250 €360 €
Minimalist light
up to 10 docs
480€720 €
up to 20 docs
600 €900 €
up to 50 docs
960 €1,200 €
up to 100 docs
1,200 €1,560 €
up to 150 docs
1,400 €1,800€
Bulk up to 1000 docs2,400 €2,400 €
up to 5000 docs3,600 €3,600 €
up to 10000 docs4,200 €4,800€
up to 20000 docs5,200 €6,000 €
Prices of for 2021

The above Accounting service fees apply only if you prepay twelve months services. The fees for monthly accounting services are +100% the quoted fees above.

For more information about accounting in Bulgaria, please get in touch with our team.