Accounting fees in Bulgaria

Last Updated on December 16, 2023 by Bulgarian attorney

When it comes to establishing a company in Bulgaria, one of the most crucial questions is, “What are the accountancy fees in Bulgaria?” The answer to this question often depends on a few key factors such as the number of personnel, the number of transactions, and whether your company is VAT registered.

Monthly DocumentsBefore VAT registrationAfter VAT registration
Freelancer500 €600 €
Dormant250 €360 €
Minimalist light
up to 10 docs
480€860 €
up to 20 docs
600 €1,040 €
up to 50 docs
960 €1,200 €
up to 100 docs
1,200 €1,560 €
up to 150 docs
1,400 €1,800€
Bulk up to 1000 docs2,400 €2,400 €
up to 5000 docs3,600 €3,600 €
up to 10000 docs4,200 €4,800€
up to 20000 docs5,200 €6,000 €
Prices of for 2023

You may note that the Accounting service fees mentioned above are applicable only if you prepay for twelve months of services. For monthly accounting services in Bulgaria, the fees are calculated at +50% of the quoted fees mentioned above. If you require further details about accounting services in Bulgaria, please feel free to contact our team.

Accounting fees for freelancers are lower due to their typically lower volume of transactions. It’s important to highlight that freelancers incur fixed expenses equivalent to 25% of their turnover and are eligible to reclaim VAT on other applicable expenses.