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Bulgarian ready made companies

Bulgarian ready made company with VAT registration

At Bulgarian Companies Limited, we have an extensive list of Bulgarian ready made companies. As these are pre-existing companies (with the company number already in place and VAT registered) once purchased we can supply company details for immediate use.

The ready made company reduces the waiting periods associated with the incorporation of a company in Bulgaria that takes around a week and VAT registration that takes another two weeks. Buying a ready-made company you also avoid the residency requirements for setting up a new limited company.

To get help with a Bulgarian ready-made company by a team recommended by Legal500, please get in touch.

Advantages using our services to purchase Bulgarian ready made company

    • You will have a top location registered office address for your Bulgarian ready made company at no fee.
    • No maintenance, annual or hidden fees.
    • Buying a Bulgarian shelf company, you will benefit from our accounting services in Bulgaria.
    • No waiting time for VAT number. The VAT number is already active and ready for use.

Steps to buy a shelf company in Bulgaria

1. Pay our invoice.

2. Certify a Power of Attorney for the transfer of the company. The POA can be certified with the nearest Bulgarian embassy or general consulate. You can have a look at the alternative certification options here.

3. The transfer of the company takes 5-7 working days of receiving the original certified Power of Attorney.

* You can also change the company name, business activities and address at the time transferring the ownership to your name.

Should you buy a ready-made company with an active bank account

A Bulgarian citizen can easily set up a company and open a bank account. The transfer of the company is simple as well. However, when the company is transferred the bank account remains on the name of the previous owner.

This will lead to the bank account being blocked or closed in a relatively short period. It might be smarter to open an account with Revolut, Paysera, Icard or get a Bulgarian residency card.

How to open a bank account of a Bulgarian shelf company?

Since 1st of August 2019 banks in Bulgaria refuse to open company bank accounts unless the director of the company is a resident of Bulgaria. To satisfy compliance requirements you have to apply for Bulgarian residency for EU citizens prior to applying for the opening of a company bank account. On the other hand, applying for Bulgarian residence card is a precondition to qualify for Bulgaria tax residency.

It’s worth highlighting that Bulgarian companies can use Revolut or Paysera accounts and have no Bulgarian bank account.

If you need more details about buying a Bulgarian ready made company and the benefits of the Bulgarian Taxation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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