Notary Services in Bulgaria

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Drafting of Notarial Deeds

Using a lawyer rather than a notary to prepare a title deed is wise for most property buyers or sellers. It commonly reduces legal costs by 0.5% of the purchase or sale price of the property.

Together with our thorough experience investigating property title and conducting Bulgarian legal due diligence, this creates a one-stop shop – we deal with both the formalities and the substantive protection of investors’ interests. Given that Bulgaria still has a somewhat decentralised system for recording title, it helps to smooth the process that we maintain regular relations with the competent governmental authorities. You may read our article about tips when buying a real-estate in Bulgaria

Document Certification

Our Bulgarian lawyers will assist to certify documents from other jurisdictions for use in Bulgaria and vice versa. The ones most commonly used are: certification as true copies; for the authenticity of signatures on them; for use in legal proceedings; as witness statements; and as sworn statements and affidavits. 

We may also assist you to certify the set of incorporation documents to set up a Bulgarian company

Notary letters of invitation

Our lawyers may assist you with the preparation and servicing of notary letters of invitation to another person – your debtor to perform a contractual obligation. If you have sold a property to be paid in instalments and the buyer has paid only few of the instalments, you may invite the debtor to pay the outstanding instalments by presenting a notary invitation to him. You may read our article about notary letters of invitation in Bulgaria

Real estate deals

Conveyancing of deals involving real estate is done for real estate in Sofia, Plovdiv or any other area in Bulgaria. Booking an appointment for consultation in advance is recommended. Ownership documents should be presented, in order for the specific requirements of the law to be identified and agree upon the exact date and hour of the conveyancing completion.

Vehicle deals

The most common vehicle is the automobile – cars and trucks, but we also offer certification of signature for contracts for other vehicles, such as motorbikes, motorcycle, vessels, industrial machines, trailers and others. We may assist you to register your vehicle in Bulgaria.


The proxy is one of the most commonly certified document in a notary office. This document provides the ability to the authorizer to act remotely, through a another trusted person. Assistance can be provided to draft or attest a Power of Attorney.


Signatures under declarations are certified on a daily basis in the notary office. Usually, those declarations cover the presence of various circumstances or Your agreement for a specific action.


Certification of the validity of a transcript can be processed for an official or a private document, and also for excerpts of such documents.


A testament is a deal in case of death. The most common type of testament is the hand-written one. Two witnesses are present in the preparation of the testament.


Notarial services in Bulgaria

Notary services in Bulgaria