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Start a business in Bulgaria

Saving taxes is one of the reasons why many businesspeople and companies have chosen to set up a company in Bulgaria. Bulgaria offers an excellent fiscal climate: a flat corporate income tax rate of 10%, a flat personal income tax rate of 10%, a dividend tax of 5% (dividends distributed to parent companies in the EU are taxed at 0%) and a wide network of double tax treaties.

Bulgaria is situated in South Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Serbia and Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, the Black sea to the east, and Romania to the north.

On the other hand, if your business is not going well, our lawyers can assist you to close your Bulgarian company or to establish insolvency in Bulgaria

Buying a property in Bulgaria

Our lawyers in Bulgaria can assist you to buy a property in Bulgaria or get a building permission. Some of the services included in our buy a property in Bulgaria package are verifying that the seller is the actual owner of the property, verifying that there are no legal impediments to the transfer of the property, drawing up of the Title Deed and Preliminary Sale contract.

Obtain tax residence of Bulgaria

The Bulgaria tax lawyers of Bulgarian Companies can assist you to become a tax residence of Bulgaria.  Assistance can be provided to lodge your tax residence application in Plovdiv or in your local tax office.

Bulgarian residence and Bulgarian ID card for EU nationals

Our lawyers in Bulgaria can assist you to obtain a long-term or permanent residence and Bulgarian ID card for EU nationals. We may also assist with family reunification and related services.

Family Reunion for EU nationals in Bulgaria

We can assist you to migrate your non-EU family members to Bulgaria. Non-EU family members of EU citizens are not required to apply for Family D visa to obtain Bulgarian residence (opposed to non-EU family members of non-EU nationals holding Bulgarian residence).

Bulgaria recognizes the cohabiting status of partnership (not married partners). You are considered spouses, as long as you declare that you are a couple. No need to present a valid marriage certificate and CBR check (opposed to the general regime).

Temporary and Permanent residence for non-EU nationals

Our Bulgaria lawyers can assist you to obtain a long-term D visa and Bulgarian residence. We may advise on the recent developments of Visa & Immigration rules and policies as well.

Family Reunion for non-EU nationals in Bulgaria

Non-EU citizens who would like to bring a non-EU family member to Bulgaria have to apply under the general reunification procedure. This procedure requires the general applicant who resides legally in Bulgaria to submit a reunification application to the local Migration Office. Our Bulgarian lawyers will advise and assist you to bring your family members to Bulgaria.

Obtain special permits and licenses

If you wish to invest in Bulgaria, you will need special permits and licenses. Our Bulgaria lawyers can help you obtain all of the necessary permits from local authorities and other licenses necessary to conduct activities in Bulgaria.

Exchange Foreign driving licencee for a Bulgarian driving license

EU and non-EU nationals who hold a valid driving licence issued from a country signatory member to the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, 08 November 1968 may exchange their EU or foreign driving licence for a Bulgarian driving licence.

Acquisitions in Bulgaria

Our lawyers in Bulgaria can help you make various purchases in Plovdiv. You may choose to purchase shares in existing companies in Plovdiv or even invest in a property in Bulgaria.

We can help you choose between the two available categories of shelf companies in Bulgaria: companies with history and companies without history. Furthermore, we can assist you throughout the acquisition process and afterwards, during the company incorporation.

Contact our law firm in Bulgaria for more information about investment options in Plovdiv. We can help you set up a new company in one of Bulgaria’s fastest growing cities.

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