Payroll Services in Bulgaria

Our aim is to make the payroll services in Bulgaria as simple and hassle-free as possible; we use the Cloud for our accounting and payroll services. You have instant access to all your payroll documentation in one place, accessible from anywhere and on any device. We have optimized all processes for delivering the highest standards of payroll services in Bulgaria.

Our Payroll Services in Bulgaria include:

  • Calculation of staff wages. If you would like to employ new staff or increase or lower the salaries of existing staff, we will do all the necessary calculations for you.
  • Preparation of payrolls and payment documents in connection with social security contributions and taxes. We will prepare templates in your e-banking account and you can easily execute salaries, social contributions and tax payments. We will only have access to view and create payment documents in your account; hence, only you can execute the payments. Otherwise, you can find payment templates in your Cloud folder and create the payment orders yourself.
  • Filling out details in employment record and social security contributions books and certification of lengths of service
  • Providing reports to management. All reports will be uploaded to your Cloud folder once prepared.
  • Keeping comprehensive files on all employees. Once prepared, all employees’ files will be uploaded to your Cloud folder.
  • Handling forms 1 and 6—Presentation of information on the persons paying for social security before the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) and NRA. All forms will be uploaded to your Cloud folder for instant access whenever necessary.>
  • Calculation of sick leave, annual leave and of all outstanding social and health insurances, income tax, etc.

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Benefits of Cloud Payroll in Bulgaria:

  • Instant access to your Payroll
  • Access from anywhere, any device
  • Easy tracking of your monthly and annual Payroll in Bulgaria
  • All-important Payroll documentation in one place
  • Safe storage of your Payroll documentation on the Cloud

You will have easy and instant access to all your payroll documentation as:

  • Templates of payment orders for salaries, social contributions and tax payments
  • Files of your employees. The files include employment contracts, termination orders, leave & sick documentation, and personal documentation of employees.
  • Forms 1 – 6 required by the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) and NRA
  • Statutory reports and statements which are required by the law.
  • Your accounting & tax documentation will be on the Cloud as well.

We will assist with:

  • Drafting the employment contracts, management contracts and annexes to such contracts
  • Registration and pre-registration of the employment contracts in the National Revenue Agency
  • Maintenance and administration of the labor books of the employees;
  • Preparation and administration of other labor and social security documents (applications, orders, declarations, memorandums);
  • Preparation of documents for termination of the relations with an employee and issuance of all necessary certificates;
  • Maintenance of the employees’ records in perfect condition.

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