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Payroll Services in Bulgaria

Payroll in Bulgaria

Our aim is to make the payroll services in Bulgaria as simple and hassle-free as possible. Leveraging the power of the Cloud, our accounting and payroll services provide you with immediate access to all your payroll documents from a single location, accessible anytime and on any device. We have fine-tuned every process to deliver the utmost excellence in payroll services throughout Bulgaria

Our Payroll Services in Bulgaria include:

  • Calculation of staff wages. If you would like to employ new staff or increase or lower the salaries of existing staff, we will do all the necessary calculations for you.
  • Preparation of payrolls and payment documents in connection with social security contributions and taxes. We will prepare templates in your e-banking account and you can easily execute salaries, social contributions and tax payments. We will only have access to view and create payment documents in your account; hence, only you can execute the payments. Otherwise, you can find payment templates in your Cloud folder and create the payment orders yourself.
  • Filling out details in employment record and social security contributions books and certification of lengths of service
  • Providing reports to management. All reports will be uploaded to your Cloud folder once prepared.
  • Keeping comprehensive files on all employees. Once prepared, all employees’ files will be uploaded to your Cloud folder.
  • Handling forms 1 and 6—Presentation of information on the persons paying for social security before the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) and NRA. All forms will be uploaded to your Cloud folder.
  • Calculation of sick leave, annual leave and of all outstanding social and health insurances, income tax, etc.

You can have a look at our fees for Accounting services in Bulgaria.

Benefits of Cloud Payroll in Bulgaria:

  • Instant access to your Payroll
  • Access from anywhere, any device
  • Easy tracking of your monthly and annual Payroll in Bulgaria
  • All-important Payroll documentation in one place
  • Safe storage of your Payroll documentation on the Cloud

You will have easy and instant access to all your payroll documentation as:

  • Templates of payment orders for salaries, social contributions and tax payments
  • Files of your employees. The files include employment contracts, termination orders, leave & sick documentation, and personal documentation of employees.
  • Forms 1 – 6 required by the National Social Security Institute (NSSI) and NRA
  • Statutory reports and statements which are required by the law.
  • Your accounting & tax documentation will be on the Cloud as well.

We will assist with:

  • Drafting the employment contracts, management contracts and annexes to such contracts
  • Registration and pre-registration of the employment contracts in the National Revenue Agency
  • Maintenance and administration of the labor books of the employees;
  • Preparation and administration of other labor and social security documents (applications, orders, declarations, memorandums);
  • Preparation of documents for termination of the relations with an employee and issuance of all necessary certificates;
  • Maintenance of the employees’ records in perfect condition.

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