Conveyancing Fees Bulgaria

Last Updated on March 25, 2023 by Bulgarian attorney

Basic – 399 €
Advanced – 599 €
Premium – 699 €
In-depth due diligence of the property
Draft/ Edit the deposit agreement
Draft/ Edit the preliminary contract
Draft/ Edit the brokerage agreement
Draft the set of documents for the notary deal
Draft the new Title deed
Represent you at the notary on the date of the deal
Registration of the new ownership with the municipality
Change utility bills to your name
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If you intend to buy multiple properties, we will be glad to design an individual pricing. You may read more about the procedure how to buy property in Bulgaria and about the most common mistakes when buying property in Bulgaria

The fees are not fixed, do not include VAT and may vary based on the location of the property. The fees do not include notary and municipality fees, and broker’s commission.  You may find an approximate estimate of the costs related to buying a property in Bulgaria on our Property fees calculator

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