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Invoicing in Bulgaria

What is an Invoice

The invoice is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, showing the subject of the transaction – a good or service, the quantity and the agreed price for the products or services that the seller has already provided to the buyer. The invoice shows that the buyer owes payment to the seller according to the method of payment. From the seller’s point of view, the invoice is a sales invoice. From the buyer’s point of view, the invoice is a purchase invoice.

Invoice data

our invoice should include:

  1. Name of the document – Invoice.
  2. Document number, which is ten-digit, with Arabic numerals only, without gaps.
  3. Date of issue of the Invoice.
  4. Issuer of the document – company name, address, incorporation number or VAT number (for VAT registered companies).
  5. Recipient of the Invoice – company name, address, incorporation number or VAT number (for VAT registered companies).
  6. Purpose of the transaction – describes the services or goods subject to the transaction including unit price (excluding tax), measure and quantity.
  7. The tax rate in percentages as 20%, 0% or 7%.
  8. Amount of the transaction.

You can have a look at the Bulgarian sample invoice .

Invoice numbering

Your first invoice should start with 0000000001. The numbering does not null annually.

Common mistakes preparing your monthly invoices

  • wrong invoice numbering
  • wrong invoice date (the invoice should be issued no later than 5 days after the payment is received)
  • Invalid VAT number of supplier or client
  • missing invoices

Our accountants checks your invoices daily and if corrections are needed you will be notified.

Invoice supporting documents

You must provide a contract along with your sales and expense invoices for all invoices of value of more than 5,000€.

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